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  • Jad Kamal

    Jad Kamal

  • Rick Wilson

    Rick Wilson

    Apostate GOP Media Guy, Dad, Pilot, Hunter, Amateur Epistemologist, Cognitive Engineer. Writer.

  • Drew Magary

    Drew Magary

    Columnist at GEN. Co-founder, Defector. Author of Point B.

  • Dave Gershgorn

    Dave Gershgorn

    Senior Writer at OneZero covering surveillance, facial recognition, DIY tech, and artificial intelligence. Previously: Qz, PopSci, and NYTimes.

  • stefan weitz

    stefan weitz

    CEO and founder, Jetson Probiotics ((link: http://www.wearejetson.com) wearejetson.com), Managing Director of ’87 ((link: http://www.eightyseven.us) eightyseven

  • Pronto


  • TensorFlow


    TensorFlow is a fast, flexible, and scalable open-source machine learning library for research and production.

  • Amanda Knox

    Amanda Knox

    Host of Labyrinths (iHeartMedia), The Truth About True Crime (Sundance), and author of Waiting to Be Heard (HarperCollins).

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